Japan Day @ De Glaskoning Twins

Today there was a promotional day at De Glaskoning Twins in Oosterhout. As their star pitcher from Japan, Keiji Uezono pitched his last game in Twins uniform, they decided to call today Japan Day. There was a big lottery with plenty of Japanese baseball prizes and also prizes signed by Dutch pitcher of the Softbank Hawks, Rick van den Hurk.
The grand prize were two flight tickets to Sendai, home town of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. Unfortunately I have to save money and pay for these tickets by myself.ūüė¶

The place was packed with people, a lot of them Japanese expats and some of them even wore uniforms of NPB clubs.

Somebdy of the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation) said that promotions like this should be done by every Dutch hoofdklasse club. In this way you will get people back to the ballpark. And some of them will even be struck by the baseball virus.

A conservative estimation about the number of people in the stands and around the field: 500-600. Perhaps there were more but a lot of people was walking around and it is hard to count them.

Next to the prizes that could be won, there was a lot of Japanese food; sushi, Japanese skewer with rice and string beans or fried chicken balls with rice and string beans. It did not only look delicious it also tasted good.

Just before the game, the Japanese ambassador, mr. Takashi Koezuka threw out the first pitch.

But lest not forget that there also was a baseball game to be played. Just like De Glaskoning Twins, their opponent, HCAW from Bussum also had clinched a spot in the hoofdklasse for next year. So in fact nothing was at stake in this game. Proof for this was that during the game position players took the mound and pitchers got at bats. Nevertheless it was an attractive game (for Twins fans) in which (perhaps) HCAW never took it all too serious.

At the start of the sixth inning, with Twins leading 8-0, Keiji Uezono was pulled and honored by one of the organizers, Paul Bun.

Keiji Uezono in the center of the attention.

Eventually the game ended with a 9-0 win for De Glaskoning Twins. (Of course) Keiji Uezono earned the win. In five innings he allowed three hits and struck out seven.
Kaj Timmermans took the loss after spending just 2.1 innings on the mound. In those two innings he was hit hard as he gave up eight runs (five earned) and walked one.
Average wise, Mick Molenaar was the best hitter for De Glaskoning Twins with one hit out of one at bat. The most impact though had Anthony Vrolijk and Nick Peels. Vrolijk went 2 for 5 with two RBI and Peels collected two hits out of three at bats with two RBI as well.

After the game Keiji was honored just a little bit more by ELB president Wim van den Hurk, who handed over, what should have been, Keiji’s jersey for team Amsterdam baseball with the Euro League Baseball.

But let’s not forget that another player played his last hoofdklase game today. Shurty Tremus hung up his spikes. Also Shurty was honered after he was pulled from the game. He received two nice framed jerseys. One of Neptunus, where his career started and one of De Glaskoning Twins, where he finished his career.

Those who did not attend today’s Japan Day, have missed a fantastic event. It was cosy, with the place packed with people and a nice game of baseball. Other hoofdklasse clubs should take this kind of events as an example. It may be the solution to get people back to
the ballpark.

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More heavenly PDC news

And the PDC news keeps coming. This time it is the Angels, who are announcing the extension of a player development contract.

InlandEmpire66ers.pngThe Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have extended the PDC with their A Advanced affiliate in the California League, the Inland Empire 66ers, with two years through the 2018 season.

Angels General Manager Billy Appler said that ‚Äúthe Los Angeles Angels and the Inland Empire 66ers have developed a strong relationship that we are excited to build on over the coming years. The San Bernardino community and the 66ers front office show incredible support for our players at an important step in their development.”

Both teams are linked to each other since 2010, when the Dodgers jumped ships to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, the former A Advanced farm team of the Angels.

66ers GM Joe Hudson continued with exchanging pleasantries by saying that “there are a multitude of reasons that make this partnership so successful. Topping the list of those factors is the San Manuel Stadium facility and proximity to the parent club.¬†We couldn‚Äôt be prouder to continue working with a top-class organization like the Angels,‚ÄĚ Hudson said. ‚ÄúOur front doors are less than 50 miles from each other and that gives the big club a nearby base for player evaluation and assignments. Furthermore, San Manuel Stadium has a top notch playing surface, clubhouse facility and fan base that makes this a great place for our partnership with the Angels. We very much appreciate our relationship.‚ÄĚ

The history of the Inland Empire 66ers dates back to 1989 when the Fresno Suns moved to Salinas to become the Salinas Spurs. The Spurs would only last four seasons in Salinas. In 1993 the team moved to San Bernadino where it adopted the name Spirit (bought from the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, who had moved from San Bernadino). In 1996, the Spurs became the Stampede. And in 2003 the team adopted its current name.

The name of the 66ers refer to Route 66, which runs through San Bernadino. The 66ers play in San Manuel Stadium, formerly known as San Bernadino Stadium.


Dutch Hoofdklasse 2016: Play offs and runners up, August 27

On the second day of the final round of the play offs and runner up competition Curacao Neptunus hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates, Vaessen Pioniers took on Kinheim in a lopsided game, UVV hosted DSS in another very lopsided game and HCAW hosted De Glaskoning Twins in another high scoring game.

Kinheim  1  Р 9  Vaessen Pioniers

In a game in which Kinheim scored only one run in the fifth inning and, despite having a few runners in scoring position a few times, wasn’t able to give Vaessen Pioniers a hard time, Pioniers walked away with a lopsided win.
As Pioniers scored two runs in the second inning and two in the fifth, the three runs that they scored in the seventh and the two in the eight, led to a final score was a bit flattered.
Kinheim starting pitcher Nick Veltkamp was tabbed for five runs in six innings and one batter faced in the seventh, so you cannot really say that it was a lack of pitching depth that cost Kinheim the game.
On the defensive side, Kinheim was outhit 7-12 by Pioniers. On the defensive side, Kinheim was slighly better as they committed three errors and Pioniers four.
Despite the blow out score, Pioniers did not really slug its way through the game as it only had four extra basehits (all doubles). In this game it all came down to timely hitting. And that’s what Pioniers did: hitting when it mattered most.¬†
Pioniers starting pitcher Chris Pfau earned the win after 6.1 innings in which he gave up one run on six hits, walked two and struck out nine.
Best hitter for Vaessen Pioniers was Zerzinho Croes, who went 3 for 5 with a double, an RBI and two runs scored.

L&D Amsterdam Pirates  1  Р 5  Curacao Neptunus

As Curacao Neptunus already clinched a spot in the Holland Series by beating L&D Amsterdam last Thursday, this game was a must win for Pirates more or less. With only a two point lead in the standings over Vaessen Pioniers, the Amsterdam based team desperately needed a win to clinch the second spot in the Holland Series.
But Neptunus took off quickly with a 2-0 lead in the first inning with Robin Schel on the mound. In the next five innings, Schel would keep Neptunus in check very well as he did not allow them to score any more runs. But Schel would start the seventh inning with giving up a walk that eventually led to the third run for Neptunus. Schel’s successor, Daan Hendrix wasn’t able to stop Neptunus from scoring two runs in the seventh.
When Hidde Brocken took over in the ninth, he eventually gave up a bases loaded walk that would bring the final score at 5-1.
Orlando Yntema, who had a major off day last week vs Vaessen Pioners as he gave up five runs, was practically unhittable today. Pirates managed to collect only two hits with him on the mound. Eventually Pirates would score on run in the ninth as Gilmer Lampe scored from third base on a 6-3 ground out hit by Danny Rombley. 
Orlando Yntema earned the win and Robin Schel took the loss. Yntema walked five and fanned four as Schel gave up five runs, walked six and struck out three.
Best hitter for Neptunus was Dwayne Kemp with three hits out of three at bats, two runs scored and two walks drawn.
The loss vs Kinheim last week may be a very costly one for Pirates. They must win tomorrow’s game in Amsterdam because Pioniers is in such a good shape that it is very unlikely that they will lose vs Kinheim.

De Glaskoning Twins  4  Р 8  HCAW

In a high scoring game (twelve runs in total), De Glaskoning Twins stayed at the wrong side of the score.
After HCAW had taken a 1-0 lead in the second inning, Twins tied it in the fifth. But in the bottom of that inning, HCAW scored two more runs to take the lead again. But still it was a game as Brendan Schoemaker kept HCAW in check rather well. Eventually the game became rather flattered as HCAW scored five runs in the eighth inning. With Mic van de Ven on the mound, the Bussum based team took advantage of some control issues of the young pitcher. Van de Ven issued two walks and threw three wild pitches that led to one run. With runners on first and second, Van de Ven was replaced by Matthew Latta. But Latta could not stop HCAW from scoring either. He started with giving up a bases clearing double to Boyd Tuhumury, followed by a single by Roelie Henrique that drove in Tuhumury. After Jelle Blaauw drew a six pitch walk, Vince Rooi singled home Roelie Henrique for the fifth and final run for HCAW.
Twins rallied in the ninth inning for three runs but from that point, the gas was out of the tank. 
Moreno Vork earned the win. In five innings he gave up one run on five hits, walked one and struck out two. After seven innings in which he gave up three runs on eight hits and struck out seven, Brendan Schoemaker took the loss.
Best hitter for HCAW was Boyd Tuhumury, who went 2 for 4 with a double, two RBI and two runs scored.

DSS  3  Р 10  Pickles UVV

Another lopsided game today was the one between DSS and Pickles UVV.
After DSS took a 1-0 lead in the first inning on a 5-3 ground out by Ties van der Beeke that drove in Sven van der Sanden from third.
But UVV would tie the game in the bottom of the second. From the third inning the team started to walk away as it scored one in the third, two in the fourth, two in the seventh and four in the eighth inning. All DSS could do was score two more runs in the ninth. The score may indicate that DSS was outhit but that was not really the case. UVV collected fifteen hits and DSS eleven. But also UVV (just like Pioniers) hit when it mattered most today: with runners on the bases. But of course the three errors that DSS committed also proved to be very costly. DSS had runners in scoring positions several times but failed to pull the trigger at the right moment. DSS had three extra basehits (two doubles and a triple) and UVV four (all doubles).
Jose Moreno earned the win after five innings of work in which he gave up one run on six hits, walked three and struck out one. Donny Breek took the loss. In five innings, he gave up four runs (two earned) on six hits, walked three and struck out three.
Best hitter for Pickles UVV was Sergino Martis with three hits out of five at bats, with a double, a run scored and an RBI.

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With construction on hold, costs Dunkin’ Donuts Park rise

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor harvard yardGoats
An audit on Dunkin’ Donuts Park has shown that due to the construction being put on hold, the costs of this ballpark keep rising. Due to several delays and the cancellation of the contract with the original constructors Centerplan Cos. and Dono LLC the city has spent $15.7 million more than the original $56 million that the ballpark would cost.

The extra money spent does not include the continuing costs of the shutdown, neither does it include the final costs to finish the ballpark.

It is still unclear how the ballpark should be finished, something that frustrates the owner of the Hartford YardGoats, Josh Solomon, a lot. Solomon has offered to pay for the rest of the contstruction as a loan to the city but the city of Hartford rejected the offer as it stated that the city’s insurer would cover the costs.

In the meantime, the President of the Eastern League, Joe McEachern has had it with the stadium farce in Hartford as well. He has joined the discussion by stating that the construction of the ballpark should be finished or the city of Hartford may risk the permanent loss of a baseball team.
McEachern made a statement in front of the gates of unfinished Dunkin’ Donuts Park:¬†‚ÄúIf the stadium is not done, we will not come to Hartford. The time is now. We have to have immediate action.‚ÄĚ McEchern warned that the Eastern League¬†and Minor League Baseball would be working on finding an alternative home for the team in 2017, ¬†a move also mandated by Maj0r League Baseball.

According to the audit, the city of Hartford has $4.4 million left to finish the construction, but the tricky part of it is that that amount does not include the $5 million invoice that AfbeeldingsresultaatCenterplan submitted in May.

For now the construction of the stadium is going nowhere. But it is clear that the patience of the Eastern League and Minor League Baseball is coming to an end and thus the future of the Hartford YardGoats is at stake.

More Brotherly Loving PDC News

After the Philadelphia Phillies extended their player development contract with their A Full Season affiliate, the Lakewood BlueClaws, it was time to extend the PDC with their A Short Season affiliate, the Williamsport Crosscutters. While the extension with the BlueClaws was for a period of four years, the extesion with the Crosscutters is for the standard amount of time: two years (through the 2018 season).

The announcement of the extension was made at the Crosscutters ballpark, BB&T Park, prior to their game vs the Brooklyn Cyclones (a 1-0 win for Brooklyn).

Crosscutters owner Peter Freund led off the exchange of pleasantries¬†with the following statement:¬†‚ÄúFor the past decade, the Phillies have been an outstanding partner for us in Williamsport with tremendous organizational support from top to bottom.¬†We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to remain part of the Phillies family and look forward to continuing our success together both on and off the field.‚ÄĚ

The two clubs are cooperating since 2007. Thirty players that played for the Crosscutters made it to the Majors. Current Phillies who called Williamsport home are LHP Adam Morgan, RHP Hector Neris, RHP Edubray Ramos, C Cameron Rupp, 3B Maikel Franco, INF Freddy Galvis, INF Cesar Hernandez, OF Cody Asche, 1B Darin Ruf & OF Aaron Altherr.

Phillies Director of Player Development Joe Jordon stated that the Phillies were extremely excited to extend the PDC with the Crosscutters.¬†‚ÄúThe ownership group, front office and city of Williamsport continue to be extremely important in the development of our young players”, said Jordon

The Crosscutters signed a new deal that will extend the stadium lease through the 2020 season, earlier this year. BB&T Park is the second oldest ballpark in the USA. Officially it is called BB&T Park at historic Bowman Field.

The history of the Crosscutters dates back to 1958 as the team played in Geneva NY as the

Williamsport Crosscutters (cap logo).png

Crosscutters Cap Logo

Geneva Redlegs (affiliation of the Cincinnati Redlegs). Through the years the team had several name changes that came together with affiliation changes. From 1977 through 1993 the team was affiliated with and called after the Cubs. After the club moved to Williamsport in 1994 it was called Williamsport Cubs until 1999 when the team adopted the current name. In that year the Crosscutters became a Pirates affiliate. That relation ship lasted through the 2006 season.

Since this is a blog (mainly) about Dutch baseball, Aruban outfielder Jiandido Tromp also played for the Williamsport Crosscutters. In 2013 and 2014 he played a total of 102 games for the Phillies affiliate. In 366 at bats, he collected 101 basehits (.276) with 25 doubles, 5 triples and 15  homeruns.



WBC Brooklyn Qualifier rosters announced

The World Baseball Classic announced the rosters of the four participating countries in the Brooklyn Qualifier: Brazil, Great Britain, Israel and Pakistan.AfbeeldingsresultaatThese four will take on each other from September 22 through September 25 at MCU Ballpark, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones (A Short Season affiliate of the New York Mets in the New York-Penn League). 

Israel will have around 20 affiliated minor league players on its roster. Next to those, the team will have former MLB pitcher Jason Marquis, former MLB infielder Ike Davis, AAA player Josh Satin and Craig Breslow on its roster. The players are:
Alex Katz (White Sox), Jared Lakind (Pirates), R.C. Orlan (Nationals) and Ryan Sherriff Afbeeldingsresultaat(Cardinals), Corey Baker (Cardinals), Bradley Goldberg (White Sox), Tyler Herron (Mets), Dean Kremer (Dodgers), Troy Neiman (Rockies), Joey Wagman (Oakland) and Josh Zeid (Mets); infielders Scott Burcham (Rockies), Cody Decker(Red Sox), Nate Freiman (Red Sox) Ty Kelly (Mets), Zach Borenstein (Diamondbacks), Michael Meyers (Red Sox), Rhett Wiseman (Nationals), Ryan Lavarnway (Blue Jays) and Nick Rickles (Nationals).

Brazil will be managed by Barry Larkin (who is also involved with the MLB Europe Elite Camp). Four years ago he guided the Brazilians to a spot in the main tournament.
AfbeeldingsresultaatSteve Finley will be on his staff as hitting coach and LaTroy Hawkins will be Brazil’s pitching coach. Larkin’s¬†¬†28-man roster contains¬†nine affiliated players including left-handed pitcher Edilson Batista (Red Sox); right-handed pitchers Andre Rienzo (Marlins), Rodrigo Takahashi (Diamondbacks) and Thyago Vieira (Mariners); infielders Christian Lopes (Blue Jays), Tim Lopes (Mariners) and Leonardo Reginatto (Twins); outfielder Gabriel Maciel (Diamondbacks); and catcher Luis Paz (Dodgers).

Liam Carroll will be at the helm of team Great Britain. On his staff will be Trevor HoffmanAfbeeldingsresultaat voor Great Britain as the team’s pitching coach. Great Britain’s roster will contain twelve affiliated players:
Chris Reed (Marlins), Michael Roth (Rangers), Blake Taylor (Mets). Jacob Esch (Marlins);, Jasrado Chisholm (Diamondbacks), Jordan Serena (Angels),Kyle Simmons (Pirates),  Todd Isaacs (Indians), Reshard Munroe (Reds), Byron Murray (Giants),Champ Stuart (Mets) and Chris Berset (Reds).

The big unknown will be Pakistan. The team has no affiliated players on its roster and all Afbeeldingsresultaatare from the local leagues. Since baseball is in its infacy pretty much in Pakistan, it will not be hard to predict their finish at this tournament: fourth.
The country has participated Asia Baseball Cups, a tournament in which the lesser known baseball countries in Asia participate. Since 2012 the tournament is split up in Divisions and Pakistan won each volume of it. Currently Pakistan is ranked 23rd in the WBSC (World Baseball and Softball Confederation) world ranking.

The WBC Qualifier will be played with the well known double elimination system. Any team that loses two games is out of the tourney.

The winner of this tournament will play in Group B at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. It will take on teams like South Korea, Chinese Taipeh and Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The expected final standings of this Qualifier:

1. Israel
2. Great Britain
3. Brazil
4. Pakistan

Nr. 2 and 3 are a bit hard to predict because the number of affiliated players are almost even on both squads. Even though the number of affiliated players on a squad doesn’t say much about the quality of the team, with the number of affiliated players and former MLB players, Israel will be clearly the favorite to win this group.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mcu park brooklyn cyclones

MCU Park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones (photo: scout.com)