European Cup 2014: Results of Day Six

On the sixth day of the tournament the both group A and B were split in half. The top three teams group A will take on the top three teams of group B.

In the opening game of the second round of the Championship group, Italy took on Spain. It was a close game in which Italy took a 4-0 lead. But Spain fought their way back to a 4-4 tie in the seventh inning. Italy showed why they are one of the top teams in Europe and stepped on it in the eighth inning. The azzurri scored two more runs for a 6-4 win.

France took on the Czech Republic. What promised to be a even fight between two equal teams, turned out to be a walk over for the Czechs. At the end of the first inning the Czechs had a 2-1 lead but the French tied the game at two in the third inning. After scoring a run in the fifth inning, the Czechs ran away in the sixth when they scored four more runs. Eventually the final score was rather lopsided after the Czech Republic scored seven more runs in the seventh inning. After the French scored one more run, the mercy rule became applicable. Final score: 14-3.

The Germans and Dutch kept each other at zero for four innings, but eventually the Dutch prevailed 10-4.

In the other games Belgium faced Russia in the game for the  seventh and eighth spot. The other teams are playing to avoid demotion. Russia was no match for Belgium who outscored the Russians 12-2 and outhit them 10-5.

Sweden and Croatia faced each other in a game that ended with a handball score: 11-10. Croatia stayed on the right side of the score.

Greece wasn’t really a match for Great Britain. The islanders won by 10-4

Results of Group C (Championship Group)
Spain – Italy 4-6
Netherlands – Germany 10-4
Czech Republic – France 3-14

Results of Group D (Losers Group)
Great Britain – Greece 10-4
Croatia – Sweden 11-10

Result of 7/8 spot game
Belgium – Russia 12-2

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