New speed up rules in Atlantic League…. Don’t complain about Rob Manfred anymore

For those who have complained about the new speed up rules in Major League Baseball, introduced by the new commish Rob Manfred, I recommend to read the following.

The independent Atlantic League, said by many to be at AAA level, will try out some speed up rules in an exhibition game. When it comes to trying out something new, the league isn’t a stranger to that. Last year the league introduced a set of speed up rules:

– A no pitch intentional walk: When a manager signals for an intentional walk, the batter can go to first instead of waiting for four pitches. Based on this footage, I can imagine that there are opponents. As a coincidence the footage is showing an Atlantic League game as well.
– The number of warm up pitches before the start of an inning was reduced from eight to six.
– Batters need to keep one foot in the batters box during an at bat (nothing new in MLB as you can see)
– Pitchers must deliver the ball to the plate within 12 seconds when no one is on base.

The new rules that will have a try out during an exhibition game between the Long Island Ducks and the Bridgeport BlueFish contain a three pitch base on balls rule and a rule that calls a batter out if he hits a foul ball with two strikes.

I bet that the game will speed up a lot with the last rule, but this favours the pitcher a lot and therefore it should only be a test and not more than that.

The rules were proposed by a 68-year old fan and are not considered to be used in regular season games.

So next time when you blame the new commissioner of MLB to introduce a bunch of crazy rules, keep in mind that it can always get worse.

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