Teams and logos of Curacao Winter League presented

About a month ago, International Baseball Partners LLC, announced the inauguration of a Curacao Winter League.

Plan is to play the games at the new baseball complex (Project 421) that will be built on the island of Curacao. Until the end of the construction, the league will play it’s inaugural season at the Santa Maria Ballpark and the Tio Daou Ballpark, a facility with artificial turf.

Four days ago, IBL, announced the team names and their logos.

The league will contain four teams.

Each team captures a unique quality associated with the Caribbean Sea nation.
According to Managing Director Michael Powers, the names of the teams reflect something typical Curacao:

The Monarchs capture the colonial history of Curaçao, while The Capitals reflect the seat of government.  The Wild represents the beauty of nature found on the island and The Barracudas create imagery of the underwater forests below
the blue surface of the sea waters around Curaçao. The explanation for the name Monarchs is somewhat ill chosen regarding the slave trade history of the island in the Dutch Golden Age. IMO it could have better been linked to the fact that Curacao is a part of the Dutch kingdom.

According to IBL, the league is already garnering attention in top baseball circles with proposed Major League Baseball minor league players slated for
action in addition to the Dutch professional and Curaçao player pool.

The league is scheduled to play games from October through December

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