Ogden Raptors revealing new logo for 2016 season

The Ogden Raptors, Los Angeles Dodgers Advanced Rookie affiliate in the Pioneer League, have presented their new logos for the 2016 season.
Official On-Field Home Cap

The main cap logo will be replaced by a new one: a silver O with a Velociraptor walking out of it. Also the batting practice cap will sport a new logo. The cap will wear the same O but then with a claw coming out of it.

The new logos will replace the current Raptors logo that the clu.b has sported for 22 years. Prior to today’s game the logos were presented by team president Dave Baggott. Baggott has worked with representatives of the New Era Cap company, the official on-field hat supplier of Major and Minor League Baseball, to create the new design.

I like the new logo, no doubt about that. But in my humble opinion the creature looks more like a Tyrannosaurus Rex instead of a velociraptor. But I am not an expert on dinosaurs so perhaps I am wrong.Official Batting Practice Cap

I think that the new logo is a major improvement over the current one which is a little bit dull. The strange thing is in my opinion that the club showed a glimpse of the new caps through Twitter, Facebook and a local newspaper, but not a word about it on their own website.


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