$110MM and five years for Zimmermann

Wisconsin native Jordan Zimmermann and the Detroit Tigers agreed on a five year deal worth $110 million. With this deal the Tigers fill the void that was left when David Price was traded to Toronto.


The 29 year old spent his entire MLB career with the Washington Nationals. In seven years he posted a career ERA of 3.32. His career K/BB ratio is 4.09 and he averages 7.42 Ks per nine innings.

Because Zimmermann rejected the qualifying offer that the Nats made him, it will cost the Tigers a draft pick. But the Tigers ninth pick in the 2016 draft is a protected one, so the Nationals need to be satisfied with Detroit’s pick in the second round.

Even though the Tigers have not confirmed the deal yet, it will be pending a physical, like all deals like this are.

The Tigers are wise not to give Zimmermann a 10 year deal, though the money that he gets is still an awful lot.

At least one Tiger was happy with the move:

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