Asia Winter League: Europe clinches first win


Another daily report of the Asia Winter League.

Today team Europe clinched the first win of the Asia Winter Baseball League. Against the delegation of the NPB from Japan, to whom they lost 24-3 two days ago, the Europeans played a lot better this time.

For three innnings neither teams did not score but in the bottom of the fourth, the European bats woke up.

Starting pitcher Lars Huijer was practically unhittable as he limited the Japanese to two hits.

Urving Kemp led off the bottom of the fourth as he hit the ball towards third base. The Japanese third baseman committed an error on which Kemp reached first base. Currently the best hitter on the team, Sebastiano Poma, hit a single to left field. A ground out towards first base by Alberto Mineo put both Kemp and Poma in scoring position. A line drive to right field by Kevin Weijgertse drove in the first run for team Europe. In the course of the fourth inning another runs was scored before Mattia Mercuri hit a three run homerun. Eventually Urving Kemp drove in the sixt run of the inning as he drove the ball through the center of the infield.

The NPB came back into the game as the team scored a run in the fifth and one in the sixth inning.

Europe answered in the bottom of the sixth as they scored four more runs, three of them on a hit deep into the outfield.

Mattia Mercuri: this game’s MVP

In the seventh inning, Lucas Dickman struggled as he gave up four runs. He managed to get one out before he was pulled and replaced by Robin Schel who gave up one run and also managed to get one out. Eventually Milvio Andreozzi got out of the inning without further damage, but at that point the Japanese had gotten into the game again and trailed by only three runs: 7-10. The middle part of the bullpen had a hard time, but evenually managed to keep the lead with the help of some rubber bands and duct tape.

Europe scored some necessary insurance runs in the seventh and the eighth inning and kept the Japanes from scoring in the remaing innings.

Despite pitching four solid innings, Lars Huijer didn’t earn the win. That honor went to Gianni Fracchiola, who pitched the final 1.2 innings.

At bat Europe did very well as they collected fourteen hits.

Urving Kemp went 1 for 4 with two runs scored and an RBI, Sebastiano Poma went 2 for 4 with two runs scored and three RBI, Alberto Mineo went 1 for 5 with a run scored, Kevin Weijgertse collected three hits out of five at bats and scored once and drove in two runs. Frederico Giordani went 2 for 5 with two RBI and a run scored. Premek Chroust went 1 for 3 with an RBI

Europa heeft met 14-7 gewonnen van NPB.
Europe celebrates the victory

and a run scored. Mattia Mercuri was named MVP of this game as he went 3 for 4 with three runs batted in and three runs scored. Luca Martone got one hit out of two at bats and scored once.

After four defeats in a row and especially the blow out loss vs the NPB team, this victory was a sweet revenge for team Europe.



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