D-Backs unveil uniform overload

The Arizona Diamondbacks unveiled the much anticipated new uniforms. Normally when a team comes up with new unis, it is about three or four new jerseys and caps that come with it, but in the case of the D-Backs it is about eight (!) new uniforms. Quite an overload.


Except for the script and the colorful shoulders of the regular home and road jerseys, not really much has changed. Only the snake head has been adapted to a more real looking snake, holding a baseball in its mouth.


The D-Backs also unveiled a home and road alternate jersey. Both look more like the previous home and road jerseys. Both jerseys come with a slight darker shade of white and grey on the back.

Home alternate


Road alternate

If the two alternate jerseys are not enough, the team comes up with more alternate uniforms. First of all their black alternate jersey sporting the regular A logo.

Black alternate

A next alternate jersey is a bright red one with the D-Backs script on the front.

Red alternate

The commemorate the Hispanic heritage of the area, the Diamondbacks will wear Hispanic heritage jerseys as well. These black jerseys sport the name Los Backs on the front.

Hispanic heritage jersey

But the best new jersey the team will wear is a throwback. It is the former sleeveless home jersey that the team had in the years before they turned to the previous uniforms. It is the pinstriped jersey sporting the A logo on the chest and it comes with the purple cap. A little step back to the purple and teal.

Thursday uniform

Even though I like the new home jersey with the colorful shoulders and the purple and teal uni, I do not think that the other jerseys are something special. To me it looks like that the team cannot decide which jersey they should come up with, so they decided to take them all.

With the new uniforms there will be a new set of caps as well.

Some are not really special, some are pretty sweet.

IMO the third alternate cap looks pretty cool.
Arizona Diamondbacks 2016 Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Alternate 3 Cap - MLB.com Shop
The first alternate cap isn’t really special IMHO.
Arizona Diamondbacks 2016 Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Alternate Cap - MLB.com Shop

The altenate 4 cap is also good looking.

Arizona Diamondbacks 2016 Authentic Collection On-Field 59FIFTY Alternate 4 Cap - MLB.com Shop

But the best looking cap is the purple cap that they will wear with their Thursday uniforms.

Arizona Diamondbacks Authentic Collection Turn Back The Clock On-Field 59FIFTY Game Cap - MLB.com Shop

With the whole new set of unis and caps, I am only missing the advertising slogan: “The new Diamondbacks uniform and caps. Collect them all!!!”


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