Finally the Marlins make a move that makes sense

In a move made by the often puzzled Marlins front office, Barry Bonds was signed to become their new hitting coach.

I write “often puzzled” because the Marins often make moves that are questionable to put it mildly. The appointment of GM Dan Jennings as the club’s manager was one of them.

But this move really makes sense. Barry Bonds numbers may be tainted because of PED use, we all know that he could hit as he was a career .298 hitter. The move makes even more sense when you know that the Marlins ranked near the bottom when it comes to runs, home runs and walks, a part of the game in which Bonds was masterful.

Frank Menechino, the hitting coach in 2015, will return as assistent hitting coach. A demotion? Perhaps, but I think that he can learn a lot from Bonds as well.

Because of PED accusations, Bonds may never end up in the Hall of Fame. In the last HOF voting, he received 202 votes (37%). Players need a minimum of 75% of the votes to be voted in.

Despite breaking the season record and career record in home runs when he wore a Giants uniform, he was never asked to become part of the Giants’ coaching staff. Bonds only acted as a guest instructor with the Giants during Spring Training a couple of times.

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