Asia Winter League: Despite solid outing by Rietel, Europe at the wrong side of score

Another solid outing by a Dutch pitcher, but once again Europe stayed at the wrong side of the score.

The European lineup was totally kept on a leash by the Japanese pitching staff. Ren Kajya was one of the two pitchers that surrendered hits as he allowed three, walked two and struck out six in five innings. His successor Satoshi IIsuka pitched two scoreless frames in which he gave up one hit, walked one and struck out two. The other two Japanese pitchers pitch a no-hit inning each in which the struck out one and walked one.

Europe collected only four hits. None of the European hitter got more than one hit. Urving Kemp went 1 for 3 with a walk, Sebastiano Poma got one hit out of four at bats. Maik Ehmcke went 1 for 2 with two walks and catcher Chris Howard went 1 for 3 with a walk.

It doesn’t need any explanation that the European pitching did not get any run support today.

Maickel Rietel lasted five solid innings. A single given up to Masahiro Harimoto eventually led to the sole run that he gave up. Harimoto stole second and a wild pitch allowed him to move on to third. A sac fly allowed Harimoto to score the opening run.

Maickel Rietel: three Ks, one BB and a run allowed in five innings

Rietel was pulled after the fifth inning and replaced by Milvio Andreozzi, who gave up two runs on three hits in the sixth inning. Robin Schel then pitched a perfect seventh inning before Javier Sanchez gave up three more runs, of which one was earned, a walk and he struck out one.

Tomorrow, Europe will play its final game vs the delegation of the CPBL.


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