Team Australia wins ABL All Star Game

Today, the annual All Star Game of the Australian Baseball League was played. Team Australia took on team World All Stars.

It was one of those games in which the runs did not come cheap and in which both teams had the lead.

Team World All Stars scored the opening run in the first inning when Tanner Vavra scored on a sac fly by Rhys Hoskins.

But team Australia bounced back in the second inning. With two outs and Darryl George on first Mitch Nilsson singled and Sam Kennely walked to load the bases. When Aaron Whitefield singled to center field, George and Nilsson were able to score the tying and go-ahead run.

The World All Stars showed some flexibility as they tied the game in the fifth when Justin Williams hit a solo shot to left field.

Before heading into the ninth inning, both teams had a few scoring opportunities but didn’t cash in.
After team World did not score in the top of the ninth, Andrew Campbell got on base on a fielding error by left fielder Kyle Petty. Campbell advanced to second on the miscue. A sac bunt by Mitch Nilsson, made Campbell advance to third. When Trent D’Antonio also laid down a bunt for a single, Andrew Campbell could run the walk off run.

Despite being selected for the World All Star team, Jan Stöcklin did not play, probably because he had a start two days ago.


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