Groups for 2016 European championship announced

The groups of the 2016 European Championship have been announced by the CEB (European basebal confederation).
The tournament will be played in the super duper, brand new Park 21 in Hoofddorp, home of the Vaessen Pioniers.


The European Championship will be played from September 9 through September 18. Twelve countries will participate.

The current European Championship, the Netherlands, will play in group A. They are paired to Great Britain, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

2014 runner up, Italy will play in group B with Spain, France, Belgium, Greece and Croatia.

The Netherlands will start the tournament on September 9 vs Great Britain.

The best three teams from each group will go on the final round in which the six teams play another round against the teams from the other group of the first round. The best two will face each other in the final.

Het Nederlands team viert feest na het behalen van de Europese titel.
2014: Dutch celebrate the win of the European championship (photo: Ezio Ratti/FIBS)

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