Minor League history: Central California League

The Central California League was special in every possible way. It was a short lived class D league that had a very unstable first season (1910) as seven of the eight teams moved during the season, three of them moved more than once and three teams disbanded.
On April 24 Healdsburg moved to San Leandro and St. Helena moved to Fruitvale. Santa Rosa moved to Alameda on May 5. Valleyjo and Napa both disbanded on May 29. Petaluma moved to Elmhurst on June 5. The San Rafael franchise moved to Hayword on June 12 and to Fruitvale on July 10. Eventually the franchise disbanded on October 9. July 10 was a day on which various teams moved: Alameda moved to Oakland, Fruitvale moved to Oakland and Hayward moved to Fruitvale. Eventually the last move was on July 31, when Oakland moved to Berkly.

1911 was a much more stable season even though the season didn’t make it to then end as it folded on July 9. Just two teams moved and two folded in the 1911 season. The Fruitvale franchise moved to Alameda on May 28 and the Elmhurst franchise moved to Oakland on June 4 and then disbanded on June 18.  Berkley then disbanded on June 23.

The most notable fact about the league is that it played a full schedule, but only the games in the weekend counted.

Cities represented:

Alameda, CA: Alameda Bracketts 1910; Alameda Alerts 1910-1911; Alameda Models 1911
Berkeley, CA: Berkeley 1910; Berkeley Clarions 1911
Elmhurst, CA: Elmhurst 1910; Elmhurst Carroll & Tilden 1911
Fruitvale, CA: Fruitvale 1910; Fruitvale 1910; Fruitvale Travelers 1911
Hayward, CA: Hayward 1910; Hayward Cubs 1911
Healdsburg, CA: Healdsburg Grapevines 1910
Napa, CA: Napa 1910
Oakland, CA: Oakland Basches 1910; Oakland Emery Arms 1911
Petaluma, CA: Petaluma Incubators 1910
Richmond, CA: Richmond Merchants 1910-1911
St. Helena, CA St. Helena 1910
San Leandro, CA: San Leandro 1910; San Leandro Cherry Pickers 1911
San Rafael, CA: San Rafael 1910
Santa Rosa, CA: Santa Rosa Prune Pickers 1910
Vallejo, CA: Vallejo 1910; Vallejo Pastimes 1911

Like more leagues in California from that era, it had teams in the Bay area and north of that. Southern California wasn’t represented at all yet.



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