Colleague blogger worth reading

Normally I don’t promote other people’s blogs overhere, but this time I would like to make an exception.

I am talking about

A baseball buddy of mine, that I know from Facebook and that I have met at several Hoofdklasse games is the author of this blog. He is a very talented kid who just received an invitation to play for the baseball academy Rabbits in Haarlem.

This kid is just a baseball nut like I am. I kinda envy him as he really visits the USA every year and thus has the opportunity to visit a lot of Major League and Minor League games.

His blog will be about the 2016 trip that will start in Chicago (Cubs) and moves via Milwaukee, Minnesota, Grand Rapids where he will visit a West Michigan White Caps game, Cincinnati,  Louisville,  St. Louis back to Chicago. It is clear that he will spend a lot of time in the Midwest League area. He will also visit Traverse City (Frontier League territory). I gave him the advice to visit a game there as the ballpark is a unique piece of architecture.

Anyhow, I am really looking forward to the game reports of the games that he will attend, to the photos of the stadiums that he will visit.

I would like to advice to keep an eye on that blog as he can write very well in proper English.


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