Julian Rip advances to Power Showcase HR derby final

Lineup announced for International Power Showcase

Where Dutch candidates did not get very far in the previous editions of the Power-Showcase home run derby, one of the two Dutch participants made a statement yesterday.

Julian Rip belted five home runs which made him advance to the finals on January 2.

The other representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Jowenrick Daantji, did not make it to the finals. But Europe will represented by two players as Fred Walter from France also advanced. Julian and Fred will be accompanied by Bryce O’Brien and wildcard winner Blake Morris from the USA.

In the first round, each participant received a total of 20 outs. In five at bats they had to hit with wood and in the remaining fifteen they had to hit with aluminum. The pitching machine was set at a velocity of 62/65 mph from a distance of 54 feet.

The 17-year old outfielder is also a 2015 MLB All Star. He was drafted by the Rochester Honkers of the Northwoods League in 2014. In 2014, Van Rip appeared in four games in the Dutch Hoofdklasse in which he got one hit out of three at bats. In the 2014 Collegiate Baseball League Europe, Van Rip hit a respectable .412 (14 for 34).

The power-showcase tweeted that Julian even finished on top of the standings with is five dingers.

In a Facebook post, an excited Julian stated that he finished with the top three of the tournament and advances to the finals.

Another statement for Dutch baseball. 🙂


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