Minor League history: Central New Jersey League

A short one today, as there is not much to be found about this league.

The Central New Jersey League lasted only (a part of) the 1892 season.
The league was a so called Non-Signatory 19th Century League.  This means that the CNJL did not underwrite the National Agreement of 1883.
This National Agreement was a pact which regulated the relation between rival Major Leagues, in those days the National League, the American Association and the Northwestern League, which was considered a minor league team though. The Agreement ushered in an area of peaceful cooperation between the rival circuits as they agreed to honor contracts, establish territories, and create an arbitration commitee for disputes. The first championship series between the champions of the two major leagues, the 1884 World’s Series , was a result of it.

Because the CNJL did not sign the National Agreement, the league outlawed more or less.

Cities represented:

Elizabeth, NJ: Elizabeth
Plainfield, NJ: Plainfield Crescent Cities
Somerville, NJ: Somerville West Ends
Westfield, NJ: Westfield Athletics

The teams of this league only played a total of 16-18 games in the season. Because of that we may assume that they only played in the weekends.

Before the league finished the season, the Elizabeth franchise and Westfield Athletics both disbanded on September 3rd. The Plainfield Crescent Cities and the Somerville West Ends ended in a tie at the top of the standings, but Plainfield disbanded before a decisive play off game could be played.


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