Minor League history: Central Texas League

The class D Central Texas League was founded in 1914 and lasted four years. The league was also called Central Texas Trolley League. The league was organized around the interurban train line between Dallas and Waco, which explains the name Trolley.

Cities represented:

Corsicana, TX: Corsicana Athletics 1914; Corsicana A’s 1915; Corsicana Athletics 1917
Ennis, TX: Ennis Tigers 1914-1917
Hillsboro, TX: Hillsboro 1914
Italy, TX: Italy 1914
Kaufman, TX: Kaufman Kings 1915
Marlin, TX: Marlin Marlins 1916-1917
Mexia, TX: Mexia Gassers 1915-1917
Temple, TX: Temple Governors 1916-1917
Terrell, TX: Terrell Cubs 1915; Terrell Terrors 1916
Waxahachie, TX: Waxahachie Buffaloes 1914; Waxahachie Athletics 1915-1916
West, TX: West 1914

The Central Texas Trolley League as the league was named first, was not a stable one.
In the first year the second half of the season lasted shorter than the first half (until July 25) the Waxahachie Buffaloes took on the West franchise in the championship series and beat them 3-2.

On April 14 1915, a meeting was held in Ennis, where the owners of the various clubs decided to change the name of the league into Central Texas League.
The league would start the 1915 season with three new teams in new cities as the franchises in West, Italy and Hillsboro had folded. The new teams that joined the league were the Terrell Cubs, the Kaufman Kings and the Mexia Gassers. But the league would not make it until the end of the season as it folded on July 24, with the Ennis Tigers in first place with a three game lead over the Corsicana A’s.

In 1916 the Kaufman Kings and the Corsicana Athletics would be replaced by the Marlin Marlins and the Temple Governors. The latter would be on top of the standings, with a slim one game lead over the Ennis Tigers on July 16, as the league disbanded for the second year in a row.

The 1917 season would even be a shorter one. At the start of the season the league shrunk from six teams  to four. The Waxahachie Athletics and the Terrell Terrors would drop out. Five days before the league shut down for good, the Temple Governors moved to Corsicana, where they played on as the Athletics. On June six the league folded.

One player that played in the Central Texas League was of Hall of fame caliber. Ross Young played for the Waxahachie Athletics in 1915.Young played his entire MLB ten-year career for the New York Giants.  He had a .322 life time average and his on-base-percentage was in the top ten of the league in each year from 1918 to 1924.


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