SkySox on the move?

The Amarillo Globe-News discovered an email that suggests that the Colorado Springs SkySox may move to San Antonio. At least that is what the newspaper says. The newspaper quoted the email, written by Amarillo councilman Randy Burkett: “He is SanAntonioMissions.pngworking now with the San Antonio team owner to relocate their AAA team to San Antonio and also finding their existing AA team a new home.”

In the past months you could read here about the city of San Antonio that was looking for a AAA team to move to the Alamo city. But to make that move possible, the AA San Antonio Missions need to move elsewhere. That elsewhere may be Amarillo, that may build a $35M stadium to house a AA teamAmarillo, that may build a $35M stadium to house a AA team.

The he, where the email is referring to is Rich Neumann of Brailsford & Dunlavey program managagement. Neumann is working with Amarillo to find a tenant for the  $35 million stadium approved by voters in November. The San Antonio Missions are owned by the Elmore Sports Group, and they also own the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. So in fact this would be a perfect move as  no team needs to be bought out.

Over the years, MLB clubs have complained about Security Service Field in Colorado Springs. It seems to be hard there to develop pitching because of the altitude. Security Service Field is the highest located ballpark in professional baseball.  Last season the Colorado Springs Sky Sox logo.pngColorado Rockies turned their back on Colorado Springs and moved to Albuquerque. Their place was taken by the Milwaukee Brewers. The ERA of the Rockies’ AAA team lowered from 5.43 to 4.97.  But that difference is nothing compared to the rise of the ERA of the Brerwers’ AAA team: from 3.85 to 5.01.
Attendance wise Security Service Field is not top of the bill either. The team saw 300,209 fans pass the turnstiles in 2015, the worst behind the Memphis Redbirds that only drew 278,579 fans. Notable feat is that the Redbirds have a stadium that is much newer that Security Service Field. Autozone Park opened in 2000, while Security Service Field’s inaugural year was 1988.

Recently Colorado Springs citizens have voted against a publicly funded new ballpark, so the Sky Sox are stuck unless they can move elsewhere.

Even though the quotes of the e-mail do not state that the SkySox will be on the move, the idea is rather logical. Two teams of the same owner group on the move.

To be continued without  a doubt.


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