Sharlon Schoop remains with O’s

Sharlon Schoop, the older brother of Jonathan, signed a one year deal with the Baltimore Orioles. After the 2015 season, the 28-year old opted to become a minor league free agent, but until a few days ago, he wasn’t signed by any team.

Sharlon en Jonathan Schoop voor aanvang van de wedstrijd tegen Philadelphia Phillies.
Sharlon (l) and Jonathan Schoop

Eventually Sharlon decided to rejoin the O’s again so he could prepare himself to the upcoming season. Sharlon is playing for the Orioles since 2013 and split the 2015 season between the Bowie BaySox (AA, Eastern League) and the Norfolk Tides (AAA, International League). With the BaySox, Sharlon hit .224 with an OPS of .562. With the Tides, his BA was a bit lower: .217, with an OPS of .533. In 2015 he had a combined .978 fielding percentage.

A few days ago, he was part of the team of the Kingdom of  the Netherlands, that accompanied a big delegation of business men and ministers that was on a mission to Cuba. The Dutch would play a five inning exhibition game vs the Cuban national team but the bad weather was a spoiler here, as the game was cancelled twice. BaltimoreOriolescap.PNG

In his career, Sharlon has been a good fielding infielder, but in general he struggles at the plate.

Sharlon was originally signed by the San Francisco Giants in 2005. After five seasons in the Giants organization he was signed by the Royals, after he became a free agent in November 2011. After two years, Sharlon signed a minor league deal with the Orioles and has played there ever since.


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