Adelanto cancels stadium deal with Mavericks

Recently you could read here that there are strong rumors that the High Desert Mavericks and the Bakersfield Blaze will switch leagues in the near future.

With the news that was announced Friday, that moment may come sooner than later.

On Thursday the city council of Adelanto has voted unanimously to terminate the stadium deal with the Mavs. According to the city council that deal is essentially a “gift of public funds” in which the MiLB team is getting the biggest benefit.
The Mavericks’ owner, Main Street Baseball LLC, is paying a “whopping” amount of $1 for yearly rent, while the city has invested about $2 million to upgrade and maintain the stadium. Furthermore, the deal violated the state Constitution when it was signed in 2012, according to the city council.

In the resolution terminating the agreement, officials also renewed the argument that the Mavericks ownership owed the city money for parking fees and conference room rentals, that led to the Council effectively shutting the Mavericks out of a community center used as a weight room in April 2015. The Mavericks on their turn claim that the city is owing money to the club because there were “many instances” where the city hadn’t upheld its part of the agreement….

The city of Adelanto is looking for a fairer deal with the Mavericks. Main Street Baseball LLC is confident that the team will play in Stater Bros Stadium in the upcoming season.
But this “fight” won’t do the relationship between the Mavericks and the city of Adelanto any good and may lead to a move to the East Coast sooner than expected.

Stater Bros Stadium, home of the High Desert Mavericks (photo: courtesy  of Chris Kabout 😉 )

The city council claims that it is willing to strike a new deal with High Street Baseball LLC, but there are no signs that a new deal is near, so it remains to be seen if the Mavericks will have a home in 2016.

Anyhow, High Street Baseball, does not really have another choice than accepting a new stadium lease with the city of Adelanto, but if both parties cannot come together, there are a few options for the Mavericks to go to (Rancho Cucamonga or San Bernadino) but it remains to be seen if those cities want two teams playing in their stadiums.


5 Replies to “Adelanto cancels stadium deal with Mavericks”

      1. My guess is no more so than San Bernardino, or Rancho Cucamonga. It seems to me if memory serves is in the past there was a CAL League team here back like thirty years ago.


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