California League celebrates 75th anniversary

Today the California League presented the commemorative 75th anniversary logo next to the news that the league will host the Carolina League in the All Star Game.

This year the California League will celebrate its 75th anniversary. Founded in 1941 as a class C league the league folded during the 1942 season because of the travel restrictions during WW II and the lack of money. After the war, the league started playing again and survived the decline of attendance that every league suffered from during the early 50s and 60s.

California League 75th Anniversary Logo
Commemorative 75th anniversary logo

To celebrate the 75th anniversary, the league has contacted Brandiose from San Diego to design a commemorative logo. The logo will be seen throughout the season including the first Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in Lake Elsinore to take place before the All Star Game against the Carolina League on June 21. In the All Star Game the California League will host an All Star Team from the Carolina League.

Brandiose also designed team logos based on the original logo.

Cal League 75th Anniversary Logos


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