Team Mexico to use players from LBM in WBC qualifiers

mexicaliThe other day you could read here about a feud between the officials of the FEMEBE and the Liga Beisbol Mexicana (Mexican Baseball League) which was the cause that the Mexican League refused to allow their players to represent Mexico in international tournaments. In the 2013 no players from the LBM played in the WBC but one and he was suspended for the 2013 season.

Last year in the inaugural Premier 12 tournament, team Mexico contained players from US minor leagues. The team got further than many had expected as they were only ousted in the semi-finals.

But according to a tweet of Max Wildstein, the league will allow its players to play in the 2017 WBC Qualifiers in Mexicali, starting March 17.

Without the players from the LBM, team Mexico was the big favorite to advance to the main tournament, but now the players from the Mexican League  can participate the team will be practically unbeatable.

Today the website of the LBM stated taht both presidents of the LBM and the FEMEBE met and agreed on the LBM players to participate in international tournaments from now on. The owners and managers of the LBM clubs agreed on allowing their players to participate. In the future the both institutions will cooperate in creating rosters of the Mexican team.


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