Newby in Dutch Hoofdklasse attracts two sponsors

Oosterhout Twins that won the promotion/relegation series by sweeping Mampaey the Hawks from Dordrecht last season, has attracted two new sponsors for a necessary financial impulse.

The club from Oosterhout signed a sponsor deal with main sponsor De Glas Koning BV (The Glass King ltd). This company is relatively new on the Dutch market, but according to the website of Oosterhout Twins, the company has gained a substantial part of the Dutch market already. It is an all-round glass supplier for the construction and renovation sector and for the private market.

Next to this company, the club has signed another company from Oosterhout, Bailey Electric & Electronics. This company is a lighting specialist and claims to have the biggest lighting assortment that can be delivered right out of stock at their warehouse in Oosterhout.


According to Twins’ chairman, Geert Snellen, these two sponsors give the opportunity to the club to grow further. As a result of these agreements, a business club was founded in an attempt to make Twins a more professional club that can offer some good entertainment in Oosterhout and in the surrounding area.

The Twins will enter the Dutch Hoofdklasse under the name De Glas Koning Twins. The name of the main sponsor will be worn at the back of the jerseys. The logo of Bailey Lights and Defa, a brand of Bailey, will be worn on the sleeves.

Twins will do everything possible to create a festive atmosphere during each home game. The club will promote the game by visiting schools and old people’s homes in an attempt to lure people to their ball field.

During the off season Twins has acquired several players to improve their Hoofdklasse team. Next to slugger Berry van Donselaar, the club ads Jeffrey Arends from Kinheim, Dennis de Quint from UVV, Jarreau Martina and Rikkert Kempen (both left Twins for HCAW in 2015), Elton Koeiman from Vaessen Pioniers, Floris Timmer from Curacao Neptunus/ Tridents, Brendan Schoenmaker from Orioles (from Bergschenhoek, a little bit north of Rotterdam).

Their home opener will be on Saturday April 16 when they host current Dutch and European champion Curacao Neptunus.



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