Apparently affiliated ball isn’t quite ready for gay players

After the color line was broken in 1947, almost 70 years ago, one would expect that it would be easier to accept gay players. But apparently it isn’t.

Sports Illustrated reported about an openly gay player in the Cardinals organization, who decided to quit because of the homophobic remarks during his (short) career. Remarks like “In Wyoming we kill gays” or “How can you be friends with your gay brother” were too much to bear for Tyler Dunnington.

“I was also one of the unfortunate closeted gay athletes who experienced years of homophobia in the sport I loved. I was able to take most of it with a grain of salt but towards the end of my career I could tell it was affecting my relationships with people, my performance, and my overall happiness”, Dunnington stated.

Dunnington’s career was rather shortlived as he was drafted in the 28th round  of the 2014 draft. He started his pro career with the GCL Cardinals before being sent to the State College Spikes. As a reliever with the GCL Cardinals, he posted a 3-2 record with a 3.41 ERA. At A Short Season he appeared in just one game, that he won with no runs scored.

“I not only wanted to share my story but also apologize for not using the stage I had to help change the game. Quitting isn’t the way to handle adversity, and I admire the other athletes acting as trailblazers.”

It is not given to anyone to ignore filthy remarks like the aforementioned. It is not given to anyone to fight back. But by quitting baseball, those haters have Dunnington exactly where they want him to be: out of baseball. 

Even though the brass in MLB doesn’t have a problem with gay players, apparently some employees do. But what can one expect if politicians support local state laws that are purely discriminating towards gay people?

It took a long time before baseball accepted colored people. It looks like baseball has a long way to go in accepting gay people as well.

It is good to know that the club and MLB are taking Dunnington’s allegations “very seriously.


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