Pirates bring back yellow-black uniforms from the 70s

This is old news by now, but the Pittsburgh Pirates will bring back the yellow jerseys and the black pants, fashioned after the “We are family” Pirates, the team that won McCutchen gold jersey Andrew McCutchen models the new gold jersey.the World Series in 1979.

Together with this uniform comes the black pillbox cap.

All I can say is “AWESOME!!!”

Early February the team announced, what was said to be the worst-kept secret in baseball, their new uniforms as several players showed the unis in the this clip.

I am a sucker for throwback jerseys and caps as you might have noticed already.

The 1979 Pirates were led by Willie Stargell, the Pirates left fielder and first baseman, who played his entire 21-year career with the Pirates. Stargell introduced handing out stars to team mates who made a nice play or who played a good game in general, in 1978, when the team was in the midst of a pennant race with the Philadelphia Phillies. Some caps were really loaded with stars.

The Pirates used the hit single “We are family”, sung by Sister Sledge, as their theme song in the 1979 season.

The Pirates re-introduced the pillbox cap in 1976 as they wore the yellow version of it. The Click to go back1977 Pirates wore a mish-mash of styles. In this year the team introduced the black version of the pillbox cap. Some of the uniforms were plain ugly, some were actually pretty nice. Yes, baseball was a colorful game back in the seventies.

The Pirates will wear the retro uniforms on Sunday home games throughout the 2016 season.

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