WBC Qualifier 2: Czechs humiliate Germans

CZE   Czech Republic   15   –   3   Germany   GER

Another surprising result in the game in the losers bracket, between the Czech Republic and Germany.

In the first inning the Germans took a 1-0 lead when Kent Matthes scored on Donald Lutz’ sac fly to left field.

But in the third inning the Czechs would step on it to tie and to take the lead in the game.
Petr Zyma scored on what should have been a sac fly, but what was dropped by center fielder Dominique Taylor. A single by Mike Cervenak drove in Adam Hajtmar to give the Czechs the lead.
With two outs and runners in scoring position, Jakub Mali drove in two more runs on a ground ball single to center field.

From that moment on the game was actually played. The Germans could not get a grip onmexicali the pitches of John Straka and his successors. Only in the sixth inning, Germany scored one more run but at that time the Czechs had scored their fifth run already.

But the Czechs would put the Germans on the rack. In the seventh they scored three runs and in the eighth they added seven (!) runs to their total.

Despite that the Czechs outscored the Germans, they did not really outhit them as they collected thirteen hits and the Germans ten. Today the Germans weren’t exactly good at timely hitting. Also a lack of pitching depth caused the big difference in runs scored. All German pitchers that took the mound, at least allowed one run. But of course when everything starts to go the way you want, everything will work out; and that is what happened with the Czechs today. They were on a roll and were hard to stop.

Jan Niclas Stoecklin took the loss after 5.2 innings in which he gave up five runs (one earned) on five hits. He walked one and fanned three.

John Straka earned the win after five ininngs. He gave up one run on five hits and struck out two.

Mike Cervenak was the best hitter and had the most impact as he went 4 for 5 with three runs batted in and three runs scored.

Tomorrow, the Czech Republic will take on the loser of the night cap between Mexico and Nicaragua. The Germans will be home bound.


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