Still nothing clear regarding 2016 season for Mavericks

Even though the High Desert Mavericks has stated in a tweet that they will play their 2016 season in Heritage Field at Stater Bros Stadium, nothing is engraved in stone yet.

The lack of an answer to the tweet of Ballpark Reviews makes one think….

Especially when you read the article that appeared at about the city of Adelanto trying to evict the Mavericks from the stadium. Sure that article is dated March 18 while the Tweet is dated March 20.

The article stated that the city declared in a press release that it is moving forward to evict the team from the stadium which was their home for 25 years. According to the city  “The Mavericks have given no accurate accounting of revenues owed to the City which they have generated from Facility Parking Lots and Facility Conference Room. “

The city of Adelanto terminated the stadium deal with the Mavericks in January as the city has spent over $2 million for maintenance since the deal was struck in 2012, but the Mavericks, or better its owner Mainstreet Baseball LLC  pay a rent of a whopping $1.00 per year. The city claims that the deal is a violation of the constitution of the state of California.

Stater Bros Stadium (photo:

The city of Adelanto sent a letter to its citizens to give them as much as information as possible about the issue.

If the city really thinks that the rent of $1,00 per year is the issue, perhaps they should not have struck a deal like this. On the other hand, the Mavericks should give the proper accounting of the revenues (if it is true what the city of Adelanto claims).

Right now the future of the Mavericks looks gloomy. It is very likely that this farce will lead to a move of the team to the Carolina League together with the Bakersfield Blaze. But that will probably only happen after the 2017 season or even later, depending on if they can find a (temporary) home there.


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