Mavericks present new unis

The High Desert Mavericks, A Advanced affiliate of the Texas Rangers in the California League, reveiled their new jerseys for the 2016 season. Even when the home field situation of the team is still unclear, the prepartions for the upcoming season are in full swing.

The team will sport two home jerseys and two road jerseys. In general the new jerseys are nothing special but they have one nice feature.

Trophy Presentation

The home jersey will be traditional white with the classic Mavericks script on the front. On the back the M logo of the club will be visible faded behind the uniform number. The other home jersey is blue with a Western font and the shape of the state of California with the Mavericks’ M logo on top. The blue color is to honor the parent club Texas Rangers. On the left sleeve there will be a Texan flag. On the back the California shape with the M logo will be faded as well on the background of the uniform number.

The two road jerseys will be red and black. The red jersey sports the words High Desert in a bold font. Also on the back will be a faded HD logo on the background of the uniform number. The black jersey will sport the HD logo on the left chest and the cowboy logo on the back, faded as background of the uni number.

The uniforms are made by Russel Athletic. With the new uniforms, a new cap will come. The new cap contains the Mavericks M logo in red with a Texas twist. The cap will be blue with a red lid, just to emphasize the relationship with the Texas Rangers.

It remains to be seen if the Mavericks will be able to play at Stater Bros Stadium. Both parties, the City of Adelanto and Main Street Baseball LLC, have a bit less than two weeks to solve their dispute.


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