MLB to ban personalized bat decals

Today it was made public, but during the winter meetings, clubs were already told that bat decals will be banned by MLB.

Matt Duffy’s bat decal

These decals are put on the knob of the bat by players to give it a personal touch. There has been a lot going on lately about young players expressing themselves and the old school guys that oppose to it. Well, this is one of those ways in which players can express themselves and the good news is, it is not hurting or insulting anyone.

So why this ban by MLB? It is not quite clear, but it has been rumored that it is because of corporate sponsors….

Decals with the team logo on it would be allowed according to a tweet, but the batman decals as shown below would not be allowed.


You can really wonder what is wrong with putting something more on the bat than the uniform number of the player who owns the bat. I have tweeted to MLB in an attempt to find out why these decals are banned. Hopefully, MLB will come up with an explanation.

For sure it is a lot better than what Bill Ripken wrote on his bat:

89 Fleer Bill Ripken Fuck Face

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