Binghamton Mets to rebrand in 2017

The Binghamton Mets will have a new name in 2017. The team’s owner, Evans Street Baseball, announced in a press release that the fans can give the team a new name in a name-the-team-contest on the website 

Binghamton Mets Name the Team Contest

The team is looking for a new name that makes Binghamton different than any other city.A name that refers to something that is typically about Binghamton.
The person that makes the winning entry will win a 2017 season ticket, an authentic personalized home jersey and a chance to throw out the first pitch.

Unfortunately baseball fans from outside the states of New York or Pennsylvania, as Binghamton is situated on the border, cannot participate in this contest.

The contest will start on April 7 and will expire on April 21. All entries will be checked on creativity, originality, regional relevance and uniqueness. Of course the name must be appropriate for audience.

Enjoy this logo. It will be gone in 2017.

After the names have been judged, the top five will go to the next round The final vote is tentatively scheduled to start on Monday, May 2, 2016 and run for two weeks. But even when the judging committee has chosen the winning name, the fans must still wait until early October.

The BMets became (inter)national news when the team launched a promotion for the 2017 season, called Netflix and Chill, while the team did not know the proper meaning of the term.

In case you didn’t have a clue about it, the Binghamton Mets are the AA (Eastern League) affiliate of the New York Mets. The BMets have been a Mets affiliate since 1992. The team was founded as the Williamsport Bills in 1987. In the short existence of the club in Williamsport, the club had two parent clubs: the Cleveland Indians (1987-1988) and the Seattle Mariners (1989-1991). In 1991 the franchise was bought by the New York Mets who moved it to Binghamton. In 2015 the club was sold to the current owner, Evans Street Baseball.


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