Not a silly jersey but a nutty cap

You could read a lot of blog posts about silly jerseys, and silly promotions in the last few weeks. But when it comes to silly, one club beats all the others.

The York Revolution (independent Atlantic League) will sport special caps on Sunday with the motto “Sunday funday caps”. You may think wat is fun about a cap? Well, for a cap nut like me, every authentic cap is fun, but the York Revolution’s Sunday cap is beyond fun.

Take a look at the photo below:

According to GM John Gibson, the cap serves multiple purposes.

“First and foremost, it’s a shout out to the kid in all of us, especially the one that grew up playing stick ball or Little League Baseball and dreamt of being a professional baseball player,” Gibson said. “Second, in the practices where we’ve used the caps, we’ve discovered the beanie propellers actually help some of the players gauge how to play the ball when there is some wind, like the breezes we get sometimes in left field at PeoplesBank Park. We’re looking forward to seeing how that slight advantage improves fielding. The players have also noticed a bit of a cooling effect from the propellers, so that will help in those hot 1 p.m. Sunday games.”

For once this is not a cap that I would buy, but the idea is hilarious IMHO.


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