It’s out in the open: SkySox potential candidate to move to San Antonio

Last week the mayor of San Antonio hinted on some big news regarding minor league baseball in the city. Everyone speculated what it could be, but in fact, it could only mean one thing, even though some other constructions could have been possible.

But yesterday the Elmore Sports Group announced that the Colorado Springs SkySox will move to San Antonio to play in a future downtown ballpark.
The Group promised that minor league baseball will stay in Colorado Springs, but only at a lower level. The latter may very well mean that one their Pioneer League teams, the Idaho Falls Chuckars or the Helena Brewers, may be moved towards Colorado Springs.

With the future move, the AA San Antonio Missions may move to Amarillo as that city has been lobbying to get a baseball team for a long time.

The SkySox stated: “We have been asked by the City of San Antonio to explore the concept of bringing our Triple-A franchise into a new downtown ballpark development.  As business owners and caretakers of our Sky Sox franchise, we need to give this proposal serious consideration.  In order to fully explore these possibilities, we have agreed to meet and work with San Antonio city officials to test the viability of a new downtown stadium and explore a possible move of Triple-A baseball to San Antonio.  We want our fans in Colorado Springs to understand there are no agreements of any kind and no foregone conclusion that the team will be moving, but we want to be as open and transparent with both communities as possible.  This is a long process and any decision or potential moves will be years in the future.”

The previous quote indicates that the decision has not been made yet, but there have been rumors for such a long time and the SkySox aren’t quite happy with the current situation in Colorado Springs, where they don’t get a new stadium and a soccer stadium will be built literally next doors. So you can count on it that the team will move any time soon. It all depends on how quick the stadium can be build.


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