Still baseball in the High Desert this season

The High Desert Mavericks will play at Stater Bros Stadium in 2016.

Early January, the city of Adelanto nullified the lease contract that both parties signed in 2012. According to the contract, the Mavs had to pay only one dollar rent per year. According to the city this was an abuse of public money, a violation of the California State constitution, and thus cancelled the contract.

www.hdmavs.comBut the Mavericks did not buy it and went to court. And won the first time. Eventually three lawsuits later, the supreme court decided in favor of the Mavericks. Supreme Court Judge Brian McCarville issued three judgments, all in favor of the Mavericks. First, the aforementioned preliminary injunction prevents the city from evicting the Mavs and clearing the way for the team to stay at Heritage Field. Legally, McCarville held that the city was unlikely to prevail on its claim.  Furthermore, the court also ruled that the lease is valid until the results of arbitration (per the lease) and perhaps a trial to evict the team — something that will take months and months.

In fact the city, that claimed that public money was abused by the Mavs, has been free spending on several lawsuits… with public money as well.

You can wonder if this will do the relationship between the two parties any good. In the recent past the city of Adelanto made clear that they rather see the Mavericks go. And with the Mavericks being one of the worst drawing teams, a move to the East Coast may very well be at hand. In that case the city of Adelanto will get what it wants.

Now the judge has ruled in favour of the Mavs, the team can start the season coming Thursday at home vs the Inland Empire 66ers (A Advanced team of the Angels).

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