MLB specialty uniforms. It’s simply too much

Every year MLB teams sport a couple of special jerseys and caps to celebrate special days like Independence Day or Memorial Day. This year will not be any different when it comes to the two aforementioned holidays. But next to these two, MLB comes up with four more special caps and jerseys.

Mother’s Day will be celebrated with a jersey with a pink script and a grey cap with pink logo. You will see them below.

Father’s Day will also get its own jersey. This time with a baby blue script and a similar grey cap with baby blue logo.

Memorial Day will have the usual camo print.

Here are some detailed close ups.

2016 MLB Memorial Day Cap and Jersey Details

The 4th of July uniforms will have a starry print on the jersey numbers, script and caps.

Detailed close ups are shown below.

2016 MLB Stars and Stripes Cap and Jersey Details

Of course MLB already had special jerseys during the All Star Game homerun derby. This year the jerseys and caps will be modeled after the Padres 1970s jerseys and caps.

2016 MLB Home Run Derby Cap and Jersey Details

For the All Star Game itself, the players will wear their club jerseys as usual. But next to the usual twist, the stars that accompany the MLB logo at the back of the jersey, the player’s autograph will be at the bottom of the jersey in gold lettering.
The caps will have gold colored metal stars around the airholes, a gold trim about the logo on the front of the cap and a grey lid.

2016 MLB All-Star Game Cap and Jersey Details

Of course the US holidays were commericialized by MLB already, but at least it was limited to Independence Day and Memorial Day only. Now with all those extra caps and jerseys, I think you can say that it becomes over-commercercialized. It’s simply too much. It simply is an overkill.

All the photos in this blog post: courtesy by Chris Creamer’s


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