More affiliation news

The season is far from over yet but the news about the extension of Player Development Contracts keeps coming.

Toronto Blue Jays LogoThis time the Buffalo Bisons announced the extension of the PDC with the Toronto Blue Jays. Unlike the announcements of the past few weeks, this extension will be only for two years, through the 2018 season.

The past three seasons the Bisons saw 1.6 million fans pass the turnstiles of Coca Cola Field. The club claims that it has a lot to do with the big role that the Blue Jays have played in promotional activities in the past three seasons. Also the Blue Jays helped the Bisons (indirectly) to strike corporate sponsorship deals with Canadian companies like amuel Son & Co. Inc. and the Ripley’s Aquarium.

The club from Buffalo also saw a big growth in the sale of merchandise and tickets to Canadian fans. Of course it helps that the city is situated almost on the Canadian border at the shores of Lake Erie. Even the games of the Bisons are broadcasted by the Blue Jays own station  Sportsnet FAN 590.

Blue Jays President and CEO Mark Shapiro stated: “We are excited to extend our PDC but more importantly our relationship with the Bisons. The most productive player Buffalo Bisons New Primary Logodevelopment relationships are built upon two aligned organizations. We are appreciative of the dynamic in Buffalo and feel that because of the Rich family, the exceptional front office and support of a great city – there is no one we would rather be affiliated with.”

As usual the minor league affiliated was also very positive about the cooperation between the two neighboring clubs: “The support we’ve received from the Blue Jays’ player development and front office staffs has been everything we thought it would be and more when we began this partnership four years ago. It has truly been a partnership in every sense of the word and we’re looking forward to continued success in growing the baseball corridor from Western New York to the Greater Toronto area”, said Bisons Vice President/General Manager Mike Buczkowski.

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