Flying Squirrels may not be driven out of Richmond after all

A few months ago you could read an article about the Richmond Flying Squirrels and their quest for a new stadium in or near Richmond. Especially after the city had said the the club better started looking for a location outside the city’s boundaries.

But in an article of the Richmond Times-Dispatch it was stated that the Squirrels and the City of Richmond are on speaking terms again. Mayor Dwight C. Jones and the Squirrels said in a joint statement that they are looking for a new location inside the boundaries of Richmond.

According to several sources, the eyed location is a 20 acre, state owned, piece of land accross the street from where the Diamond is located now. On that piece of land, a a central office and distribution center of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is situated and they claim that they have not received any offers for the property yet.

The Flying Squirrels’ President stated that the latest developments makes him feel like there is a solution closer than ever.

A third player in this play is the Virginia Commonwealth University, whose baseball team is also playing at the Diamond as a subtenant, is also very positive towards the renewed talks.

But despite the positive news, there is still a major hurdle to take. The city council of Richmond has voted against a public funding of a new ballpark. So who is going to pay for the new home of the Flying Squirrels? The joint statement said that “the new ballpark would likely be funded primarily by the ballpark’s users” but offered no further details.

After all it looks like that the city of Richmond is finally listening to their inhabitants as most have stated in community meetings that they wanted AA baseball to be part of their city.

To be continued…


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