Open letter to Brian Cashman

Dear Mr. Cashman,

With awe I read an article today, about you keeping the underperforming players on a short leash. An 8-15 start of the 2016 campaign is the worst in years and the Yankees are on pace to a 106 loss season, the worst since 1912.

In the article poor offensive play by Chase Headly, Jacoby Ellsbury and Didi Gregorius and poor pitching performances of Nathan Eovaldi, Michael Pineda and C.C. Sabathia is named. Cashman stated:

“This group needs to self-correct,” Cashman said Tuesday, via the New York Times. “To the degree it doesn’t, then yeah, I’ll look for alternatives to get us going. I’d rather not do that.”

I must admit that it would be the first time that a manager isn’t blamed for the poor results but the underperforming players. But did you ever think that this team is the result of the ridiculous contracts that you have given to Teixeira, Sabathia, A-Rod and other aging players? At the start of this season, I said that these players would slow down the team. The season is still long, so things can still turn around, but it looks like I am right.

The acquisition of Aroldis Chapman was spectacular, but did the Yankees really need him? While the knees of Sabathia, the elbow of Tanaka and the inconsistency of Pineda were the main question marks,starting pitching was the biggest need. But what did you get us?  A closer…. Like we needed one.

I applauded the fact that you took the road to rejuvenation. But then again, you seem to forget that it takes time to rebuild a team. You opted to keep the big contracts instead of shoving them away. When it comes to that, the Red Sox have more balls than you do. They did not shy away to move a multi-million dollar player to the bench while he was vastly underperforming.

You and Girardi can blame Didi Gregorius for poor base running and the poor defense of late, but perhaps you should look to the reason behind it. The platooning. If you keep shoving a player around like that, it won’t help him. Look what the Diamondbacks did with him and Chris Owen. They did exactly the same and the whole plan backfired on both. Just let Didi be an every day player and he will turn around.

May I remind you that you were the one that signed Dustin Ackley (.118), Carlos Beltran (to a multi year contract, now hitting .264), Jacoby Ellsbury (ditto, .247) and Aaron Hicks (hitting an abysmal .077)? Sure you can threaten to trade the underperforming players to turn things around, but then you may have to replace the whole team. Since you are the architect of this team, perhaps you are the one that should be traded. The same with the rest of the front office.

Again, I applaud your attempts to rejuvenate the team, but if you really want to rejuvenate, get rid of Teixeira, A-Rod, Beltran and Sabathia. They are slowing the team down. Right now it seems that you want to go into two directions: Contending and rejuvenating; a tough combination. And eh… Perhaps a new hitting coach may do the team well. It seems that this one cannot straighten the ship. This year the thing is happening to the team that should have happened last year already. Last year was a fluke or was it a miracle?

The season is still long, so things can turn around in a positive way. But to be honest, like already said at the start of the season, this year may be a long and agonizing one for Yankee fans.



2 Replies to “Open letter to Brian Cashman”

  1. I totally agree with these facts. Getcris if Sabathia, Texeira, Elsbury, Pineda, Arod, and Headly. This would be a great start. Next please, please get rid if Girardi. He is one of the worst managers that the NYY ever had.


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