No-hitter for Yntema

In the Hoofdklasse report of yesterday, May 7, I wrote a quick note on the no-hitter of Orlando Yntema. On a second thought I realized that this was not enough to honor him for this great feat, his third in the Hoofdklasse.

Yesterday Neptunus had an easy win over Vaessen Pioniers as their offense exploded for fifteen hits and elven runs, so Yntema was fully backed with enough run support.

Orlando Yntema (

The 30-year old Dutch pitcher from Dominican descent needed seven innings to accomplish the feat, thanks to the many runs that his team mates scored.
In those seven innings he was three walks shy of a perfect game. Orlando struck out five. In fact this no-no is a confirmation of the great season that Yntema is having so far. In his previous three starts, Yntema was practically unhittable. After this no-hitter his ERA stands at a microscopic 0.67 (only his team mate Kenny van den Branden and Nick Veltkamp of Kinheim do a little bit better with respectively 0.54 and 0.00) and his opponents hit a measly .090 with Orlando on the mound, which states the previous remark about him being practically unhittable.

This is the third no-hitter for Orlando in his Hoofdklasse career. Last year he pitched two no-hitters. The first was on May 23rd when he threw a combined no-hitter with Jorian van Acker and Loek van Mil vs UVV from Utrecht, the club where Yntema debuted in 2011. He threw his second no-no also against UVV but this time he lasted nine innings on July 30th.

In the history of Curacao Neptunus, this is the ninth no-hitter, eight of them in a complete game.


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