Xander Bogaerts is an MVP candidate for sure

Perhaps it is a bit early since the MLB season is not even halfway, but Xander Bogaerts is putting up some serious numbers.

Last year I wrote that Xander Bogaerts could be the 2015 MVP with the numbers that he put up. But since he wasn’t playing for a contender, he didn’t come close in the MVP voting, a factor that seems to be rather important to the baseball writers.

Last year, Bogaerts finished the season with a .320 batting average, a .355 OBP and a .421 slugging percentage. As a shorstop he committed eleven errors through the season (a .984 fielding percentage).

Even though the eleven errors seem to be a bit high, many experts who used to claim that he was an average fielder at best, testified that Xander had made huge strides forward.

Well, this year the Red Sox are quite the opposite of a cellar dwellar and Bogaerts is putting up even better numbers. Of all the regulars of the Red Sox roster, Xander is posting the best batting average up to date: .340. His on base percentage of .389 and his slugging percentage of .490 aren’t too shabby either.
So far Xander has hit 14 doubles and 3 homeruns in 36 games. So if he continue like this he
will end the season with 63 doubles and 13 o 14 homeruns.

His defense is even better at the moment as he is still perfect at shortstop.

Here are the rules/guidelines of the MVP voting:

“The rules of the voting remain the same as they were written on the first ballot in 1931: (1) actual value of a player to his team, that is, strength of offense and defense; (2) number of games played; (3) general character, disposition, loyalty and effort; (4) former winners are eligible; and (5) members of the committee may vote for more than one member of a team.”

When you take the guidelines of the MVP voting into consideration, he may be a serious candidate. With his offense and his defense he is a standout at the moment. He has played 36 games so far at the current pace he may be near 160 this season, barring injuries. Xander is a silent guy, not a loudmouth for sure, so when it comes to that, he may even be a role model to the younger fans.

The season is still long, but if Xander will be voted the 2016 MVP, the island of Aruba will be very proud for sure.  If he will play like he is doing now, he may be a very serious MVP candidate.


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