Hartford demanding money for liquidated damages

Last week it became clear that Dunkin’ Donuts Park will not be ready in time as the contractors, DoNo Hartford LLC and Centerplan Cos., did not make the deadline of May 17. On that date the new home of the Hartford YardGoats should be finished substantially, so the team could play their first home game on May 31.

Even though the turf has been placed, there is still a lot of construction to do (photo: http://www.bleatinghartford.com)

The city of Hartford has been mulling what to do with the project. There were a couple of options, of which one was to demand a settlement of $50,000 for the first day (May 17) and $15,000 for each following day until the ballpark construction has been finished. The city of Hartford has chosen for that option, so the city has sent a demand letter for liquidated damages to the developers of Dunkin’ Donuts Park seeking $50,000 for missing a substantial completion deadline and $15,000 each day the park remains unfinished.

Next to this, The Hartford Stadium Authority is also demanding a meeting with the surety that is insuring the finishing of the construction, and the developers by Wednesday to discuss the completion of the job. In its letter to DoNo Hartford LLC and Centerplan Cos., the city also reserved the right to put in a claim with the surety. If the surety agrees that the developer has breached its contract with the city, it would cover the cost of completing Dunkin’ Donuts Park, estimated to be about $2 million.

But this would also result in a delay of the construction when the surety will investigate the claim, something that could take at least a week and possibly months because the construction will be put on hold, and this would put the entire season in danger.

To be continued for sure…



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