Van den Hurk wins thanks to magnificent run support, Balentien goes 1 for 3

The Softbank Haws and Rick van den Hurk took on the lowly Orix Buffaloes.
Van den Hurk lasted six innings in which he gave up five earned runs on five hits and three walks. Rick struck out six.

Things clearly didn’t go easy for Rick. His biggest tormentor was Tony Blanco, who hit two homeruns of the Dutchy, one to right field in the fifth inning and one to left field one inning later with two runners on board.

But thanks to some big run support, Rick earned the win. The Softbank Hawks scored 22 runs on seventeen hits and fourteen walks. They scored seventeen runs in the span of three innings (five in the third, eight in the fourth, and four in the fifth) and almost batted around three innings in a row.

The Softbank Hawks won this game by 22 runs to 6.

Here is a summary of the game:

And here are the two homeruns that Tony Blanco hit off Rick van den Hurk.

Wladimir Balentien went 1 for 3 in the 7-5 loss of his Yakult Swallows vs the Hanshin Tigers in Tokyo.
Wladimir hit his sole hit of the game in the fourth inning, a single to center field that drove in the first run for the Swallows. By then, the Tigers already had a commanding four run lead.


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