More new merchandise ahead

Rebranding means new merchandise. This is exactly why some clubs change names and colors at times.

The Lynchburg HillCats announced that they will change their name and colors before the lynchburg-hillcatsstart of the 2017 season. Sometimes you wonder why. There are clubs that certainly need a rebranding, but other really don’t. In my opinion the HillCats have a nice logo and nice color setting. But nevertheless they do not listen to me. 😉

The club announced that it will hold a name the team contest which will result in a final vote of six new names. As soon as the new name has been chosen, the club will join forces with Brandiose from San Diego for the new logos and style.

The contest will start today, May 25. The contestants can enter the name of their liking and explain why they think that their contribution is the best fitting with Lynchburg and its baseball team. Fans can enter their ideas until June 8. Then the aforementioned final vote will take place.

Through the decades, the Lynchburg club has had various names, mostly the name of the parent club. When the club was founded in 1963 and played in the Southern League, the club was called the Lynchburg White Sox. The club remaind in the Southern League until 1966, when it moved one level lower to the A Advanced Carolina League. From 1970 through 1974 the club was named after the Minnesota Twins. The club affiliated with the Rangers for one year in 1975. After affiliations with the New York Mets (1976-1987) and the Boston Red Sox (1988-1994) the club turned to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1995 and adopted a name other than a parent club for the first time. Since 1995 the club is called HillCats.

Team president Chris Jones stated: “We are excited to see what fans suggest as possible names for the team. We have a very loyal and passionate fanbase. We hope they will tap into their creative side to suggest some unique and imaginative names that will be associated with Lynchburg baseball for years to come. We want an identity that captures the rich history of this community and its great baseball tradition. I am confident our fans will generate some original and clever names that convey that to all of Minor League Baseball.”

Anyhow, I am looking forward to the new merchandise.

The name the team contest can be found here.
Only resident of Virginia who are eighteen years or older are eligible to participate.


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