Game between Neptunus and Pirates suspended

Today, normally not a game day, the game between Curacao Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam Pirates would have been played.But what should have been a fine promotion for baseball in the Netherlands, turned ugly and led to a suspension of the game.

With a 2-0 lead for L&D Amsterdam Pirates in the fourth inning, Christian Diaz made a sliding to second base and collided with second baseman Nick Urbanus, who was hit hard with a filthy sliding yesterday as well. The photo below gives you an idea what happened yesterday.

Today’s sliding by Christian Diaz caused some irritation and tension. After relief pitcher Kevin Kelly hit Michael Duursma on the foot, the homeplate umpire tossed him. Then, when Dennis Burgersdijk of Pirates, hit Raily Legito with a change up, he was allowed to stay in the game. Manager Van ‘t Hoen of Neptunus got furious and was tossed as well.
Later there was a discussion between Raily Legito and  Nick Urbanus and Michael Duursma at second base and after a bit of pushing, things got out of control and got really ugly.

Eventually the umpires decided to suspend the game.

Tomorrow the third game of the series is scheduled, but perhaps it is better that there will be a rainout, so both teams can cool down a bit.



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