Starlin Castro wins it for Yankees

Yesterday’s game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees proved that baseball is an unpredictable game. For six innings, the Yankees were no-hit but eventually they walked off with the win.

Hitting wise it was another bad game for the Yankees. In nine innings, the team got one, yes one, basehit. Thanks to Starlin Castro, the Yankees stayed at the right side of the score.

Starlin Castro, game winning homerun (photo:

In six innings, Jake Odorizzi dominated the Yankees. He even was on the course to pitch a perfect game. That perfect game was spoiled in the seventh inning when he walked Brett Gardner on six pitches. Still he was on a no-no course, but that was spoiled in the very same inning as well as he served up the pitch to Starlin Castro that ended up in the left center field bleachers, giving the Yankees a 2-1 lead.

Nathan Eovaldi pitched a decent game in which he gave up one run on six hits in six innings. He got himself into a jam thrice and in the first one he allowed the sole run to the Rays as he gave up the RBI single to Evan Longoria, who hit a linedrive to right field and drove in Brandon Guyer who scored from second base.

Also in the fifth inning the Rays were threatening with runners in scoring position and with only one out, but Eovaldi got out of the jam as Brad Miller flied out to Brett Gardner in foul territory and Evan Longoria flied out to right field.

In the sixth inning Eovaldi loaded the bases when he gave up a two out walk to light hitting Mikie Mahtook, but eventually he retired Curt Casali as the latter popped out to first base.

According to the record books, it was the first time since 1914 that the Yankees won a game with only one hit.


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