Dutchies in the MLB draft

Last night it became clear that Carter Kieboom, younger brother of Spencer Kieboom, has been drafted by the Washington Nationals as 28th overall pick. If both parties can agree on a deal, Carter will join the organization where his brother is playing (at AA Harrisburg) already.

Both are sons of a Dutch born father who played for Dutch Hoofdklasse club HCAW from Bussum.

Carter committed himself to Clemson, where Spencer used to play but if drafted where his talent warrants, he may not get to school. Carter played shortstop for Walton high school in Georgia and was a terrific hitter. According to the connoisseurs, Carter has an excellent judgement of the strike zone and has a good ability to get on base.
Even though he is mainly a shortstop, Carter can also play third base. His athleticism, quickness and arm strength are good enough to become a third bagger.

Another Dutchie who is a draft pick candidate is Stijn van der Meer. The shortstop of Curacao Neptunus from Rotterdam has played for Lamar Univerity in the past few seasons. Where Stijn did not attract attention in the previous years, he had a helluva season in 2016, setting a Lamar University record of getting on base in 32 straight games.
Stijn recorded the highest batting average of his team with .376. Stijn is not the power hitting type but he is patient at the plate which is proved by his 38 walks and only 15 strikeouts. Next to his batting average, Stijn topped his team mates with a .471 on-base-percentage. Even though Stijn is one of the finest shortstops in the Dutch Hoofdklasse, there is some room for improvement. In 54 starts he committed eleven errors at shortstop resulting in a fielding percentage of .961.


Last year no MLB club contacted him, but thanks to his superb 2016 season, he has been approached by six of the thirty MLB clubs, according to a Dutch regional newspaper.

Stijn van der Meer laying down a bunt (photo: dutchbaseballhangout.wordpress.com)

It has been told that one of the clubs that has shown interest in him are the New York Yankees. Stijn himself stays rather cool as he states that he had a decent season with Lamar. He also knows that in baseball there are a lot of factors that you cannot control yourself. You never know if you will be traded. His name wasn’t mentioned with the 200 favorite candidates. According to Van der Meer, it is all about homeruns to attract fans and he knows that he isn’t that kind of player. If one of the thirty MLB clubs want to sign him he will not sign like that. The eventual deal must be worth to jump across the big pond.



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