Movies in the center of the attention with these promotions

The Frisco RoughRiders paid attention to the movie/TV series Star Trek on Saturday, June 11, one day after their Lazy River section in their ballpark was openend. The Portland SeaDogs paid attention to the fact that the movie Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise, hit the cinemas thirty years ago.

Yesterday the Frisco RoughRiders saluted the  original TV series of Star Trek, that saw the light fifty years ago, by wearing a special themed jersey.  Very little was written about this promotion (the opening of the Lazy River section got most of the media attention on Friday), but it is very likely that these jersey will be up for auction for charity.

Frisco RoughRiders Star Trek Night
Music and video clips from the various iterations of the shows and movies were played throughout the game as well as an in-game tribute to Leonard Nimoy, the actor who originally played Spock. Fans were encourage to wear their Spock ears and dress up like their favorite Star Trek characters. With a lot of Trekkies around in the US, this should not have been a problem.

Another team that paid  attention to a (thirty-year old movie) is the Portland SeaDogs. The AA Boston Red Sox affiliate  put the movie Top Gun in the center of the attention yesterday.
The team wore special designed flight suit themed jerseys. The jerseys will be signed by Portland Sea Dogs Top Gun Night Jerseysthe players that wore them and auctioned to raise money for “The Peace Greeters”.  The Peace Greeters is an organization based out of the former Pease Air Force Base in Newington, New Hampshire. Their mission is to welcome troops passing through Pease International Airport on their way to, or from, Afghanistan or Iraq, or any other areas of conflict in any part of the world.

During the night, music from the Top Gun soundtrack was played and trivia questions about the movie were asked. The fans were encouraged to wear Top Gun themed clothing.

The promotion was powered by Pratt & Whitney North Berwick Veterans Council, who handed a special Pratt & Whitney key chain to the first 1,000 fans that passed the turnstiles.


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