Yurendell de Caster to Curacao Neptunus?

A friend of mine pointed out to me that Yurendell de Caster was on the roster of Curacao Neptunus (see the name at the bottom of the list below).


This friend of mine contacted De Caster and he stated that he did not now anything. According to Neptunus the move to put the name of De Caster on the roster is one of preparation. Preparation… This can only mean that they are up to something.
Presumably they are still negotiating with De Caster and put his name on the roster before the deadline. Even if the negotiations will not pan out the way Neptunus wants it is not a big deal that De Caster’s name is on the roster. It can be removed again. According to Neptunus nothing is engraved in stone yet.

The eventual signing of De Caster must have something to do with the loss of two players in a very short period. Last week, Dashenko Ricardo announced that he would hang up his spikes because of lack of motivation. One day later the KNBSB announced that Rien Vernooij was suspended until July 1, 2017 because of his part in a bench clearing brawl between Curacao Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Both players were the best hitters of the Hoofdklasse, with averages of .464 (Vernooij) and .434.

Despite his age (35), De Caster can still be a dangerous hitter. In his last season in the Mexican League with the Piratas de Campeche (2015), he hit a lowly .226. But in the “off season” he played in the Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League for Gigantes Rivas and hit a decent .326 in the regular season. In the championship series De Caster wasn’t as hot but still managed to hit .290. So he could be of big value for Curacao Neptunus. He was also part of the Dutch team during the 2014 European Cup, in which he batted a whopping .448. De Caster is a prototype of a journey man. During his career, which contains twelve seasons in various MLB organizations, he played for various Indy teams and for various teams in the Mexican League and other Central American competitions.

You can only wonder why Neptunus wants to add another player. The current lineup must be strong enough to get over the loss of the two aforementioned players.


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