Hartford balked by booting constructor

The soap of Dunkin’ Donuts Park continues.

Hartford Yard GoatsAbout a week and a half ago, you could read here that the city of Hartford gave construction companies Centerplan Cos. and DoNo LLC the boot for not reaching the May 17 target in the construction of Dunkin’ Donuts Park, future home of the Hartford YardGoats.

But now it has become clear that booting these companies was a “bit” premature.

What is the case? Well as long as the ballpark was under construction by the aforementioned companies, it was still insured but now the contract with the two companies has been terminated the ballpark is not insured for natural disasters, fire, etc.

Trujillo, the city’s deputy chief auditor, told the city’s internal audit commission that the city’s insurance policy covering property losses during construction at Dunkin’ Donuts Park ended with the developer’s termination. And so far, the city has been unable to get the stadium covered for such losses, including by the insurer that covers other city-owned buildings, Trujillo said.

Next to the problems that were there already, this one rears up as well. The only thing that the city of Hartford can do is to strike a deal with a new contractor to finish the stadium as quick as possible. But don’t expect the ballpark to open its doors before the 2017 season.


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