Some very positive news for the Strike Zone

The Strike Zone, the new indoor baseball facility that soon will be opened, announced some positive news today.

First of all, baseball club Thamen from Uithoorn has struck a deal with the facility to train there during the winter with ten of its teams. Other clubs are still negotiating with the founders of the new facility.

Another and for now even better development is that the crowd funding starts to catch fire. The other day I wrote that about 49% of the targeted amount was raised but all of a sudden the percentage has surged to 61 %, meaning that €12,265 of the projected €20,000 has been donated. Thanks to this sudden good result, the founders have decided to extend the time span of the crowd funding with fourteen days. According to a press release of the founders, a couple of big donations are on its way and with those donations 75% of the projected amount is within reach.

If you haven’t donated yet, you still can through this link.

Support this great initiative which makes it possible to train year around.


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