Exhibition games between KOTN and Samurai Japan announced

imageThrough their website, Samurai Japan announced that they will play a series of exhibition games in November. The team will play a two game series vs Mexico on November 10 and 11. On November 12 and 13, the Japanese will face team Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The designated hitter rule and the official ball of the World Baseball Classic will be used in both series. Furhermore the games will be played with the official international tie-breaker rule if necessary.

Especially the series between Mexico and Samurai Japan may be very interesting since the Mexican League and the Mexican Baseball Federation have “signed” a truce so the players of the Mexican league (AAA level) can participate.


The Dutch Baseball Federation has not made the official  announcement yet.

It is very unlikely that team Kingdom of the Netherlands will be allowed to use MLB players, so the team will likely field a team with mainly minor league players from Aruba, Curacao and the Netherlands, but according to the website of Samurai Japan KOTN and Mexico can ask MLB for permission to let their players participate in the exhibition games since these games are preparation games for the upcoming World BaseBall Classic.





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